Predictive capability to boost sales

The ability to predict the true purchase intent of a lead enables sales reps to focus their initial energy on high-potential leads. Subsequently, successful conversion rates generate a confidence boost that ripples across the entire company.

Predictive power for better campaign ROI

Using incredibly smart algorithms and a wealth of external data, our platform can swiftly verify and provide insight about prospects based on the info they provide. Test campaigns in the early stages to quickly see the quality of leads and make smart investments in campaigns with proven potential.

Connect leads with most sellable offerings

Our platform leverages big data science to better understand consumer wants, needs and behavior based on their historical data. Dramatically increase lead conversion with the ability to offer the right product the first time.

Better success rates with specialist rep-prospect matching

Knowing your lead provides the power to close the deal. Such knowledge can be applied in many beneficial ways. For example, sales reps who specialize in specific customer profiles can be automatically assigned to those profile types.